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Super rock solid distro. Even testing is stable as hell! Feel free to give it a shot. Because Debian has such awkward site to navigate I made this page for downloading their images. Other than that they are great! 💚


Debian Testing with non-free firmware

Download Debian testing Get it here

Download Debian testing including firmware Get it here

Debian testing download pages Go to site

Testing with firmware Get it here - firmware-testing-amd64-netinst.iso

Browse testing with firmware Go to site</

Current Debian

Download including firmware Get net installer here

Live Iso Including Firmware Go to site

Cloud Images - For VMS

Cloud images Go to site

Check the list of testing Go to site


Very popular and solid distro, however snap packaging suck balls! The only thing that snap did well is installing lxd/lxc containers in my humble experience. Other than that pretty good and stable distro especially for servers.

Visit official ubuntu page here

Ubuntu Server (Latest)

Ubuntu Server Page


It’s straight forward.

Visit PopOS! official site here

Linux Mint

Nice and tight distro.

Visit Here


Arch based distro.

Visit Here

MX Linux

Debian based without systemd as init.

Visit Here


Super lightweight fast distro.

Visit here